Instructor Development Course
mit Rory Miller
am 28. und 29. September 2017

The IDC is designed to address the specific challenges facing self-defense instructors: That they are teaching a skill where training and application must, for safety reasons be different; teaching adaptable solutions to chaotic problems adapting to a very diverse range of student needs and abilities; teaching skills that must be applied under stress and at high stakes, often with limited time, information, and margins of error. The course will address teaching adults, not children and serve as an introduction to both principles-based training and awareness-based training.

mit Rory Miller
am 30. September und 1. Oktober 2017

Rory:"InFighting is what I do as a martial art. The skills translate very well to the self-defense environment, but the mindset does not. InFighting is done for fun. It is extreme close range, chest to chest or chest to back brawling. Because of the range of techniques possible and the speed, I find it to be the best way to integrate your fighting skills, no matter what they are. Skills covered include close range power generation, targeting, specialized strikes, use of structure and void in both offense and defense, takedowns, locks, gouging and biting. Sixteen hour course includes groundwork and, optionally, including weapons in the game."

Seminarsprache: Englisch

Ort:Großraum Fritzlar

Kosten:IDC: 160,- / InFighting: 160,- / 4-Tage-Kombi: 290,-

Weitere Informationen unter 01522-8976715

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